The university admissions process can be very complicated if you’re experiencing this for the first time. There are many nuances, especially during these unprecedented times, and a mistake can cost families significant time, money, and even rejection from schools.

The reality is that most parents do not have the time and energy to become experts in whatever interests their child. You hire tutors to help with test preparation. You hire nutritionists or medical experts when your child is experiencing physical problems. Why should this be any different for the university application process?”

An experienced and reputable IEC has the knowledge and current information to help students identify schools that are likely to be a good fit where they will flourish academically and sociallyas well as offer them a generous financial aid package.

The M*Power team provides expertise in the full breadth of activities throughout the university admissions process, as well as supporting your matriculation into university.Our methodology is based on sound and time-tested approaches created by experts to ensure success. No guess work!

We also utilize the most up to date knowledge, data and tools to support the university admissions process to guide the student down the correct path to determine which universities will provide the best fit for them.

We have worked with many successful and satisfied clients and they would be best to speak to how M*Power support you on this journey.

I am a step-mother to a non-US citizen attending university in the US and walk along-side him every step of his journey. I understand this process both personally and professionally. I also provide guidance and assistance to many family and friends now attending university, procuring internships and finding jobs in the US.

We at M*Power know what this transition entails for international students – a new country, new culture, new experiences and expectations and we know how to bring some calm, while keeping the excitement, to this new chapter in your life..

We understand the anxieties and issues parents experience when they let go of their children. We want the parents understand what they and their children are signing up for.

We understand your family’s unique needs and keep that front of mind throughout the process Many of our students and families have shared that they are constantly impressed by the amount of time and personalized information that was provided throughout the process and think this level of personal attention goes far above and beyond what they ever expected….their words, not mine 😊

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M*Power provides guidance and support to all aspects of university search, applications, admissions and matriculation. Our most important objectives are to ensure that each student understands the full breadth of activities required during this process, they commit to the timeline and agree to stay on track to get deliverables completed ahead of deadlines.

We work with our students every step of the way and provide as much support as needed, but we will NOT fill out your application, write your essays, complete your financial aid documents or engage in other dishonest tactics in an attempt to gain an edge.

This is an intense time in the lives of many students. Stress could be due to academic pressure, navigating unknown territories, unfamiliarity with the process or familial pressures. Our goal is to provide a roadmap and assistance to alleviate stress, We provide you a proven project plan and timeline of activities that we know works.

The longer you wait to begin, the more condensed your timeline is. University applications along with your schoolwork, lessons, SAT prep and extra-curriculars can be overwhelming and stress inducing for even the most disciplined student.

But regardless of when you join us, we take all the guess work out of the equation so you can just buckle down and do what you need to do, knowing that you’re receiving expert guidance to keep you focused and on track.

This is often a stressful time for the parents as well. They often want to help and be involved, but don’t actually know what their child should be doing when. Often, children don’t listen to their parents’ advice and conversations that mean to be helpful and supportive can turn into hot topics and arguments.

I've often been told that having an IEC made life happier at home because there was no nagging needed about the progress the student was making on applications and everyone felt confident they were on a path to success.

No. Nobody can. The criteria for admission varies from school to school. We are not involved in making the decisions in any university’s admissions office. However, we know what each university is looking for and make sure you have the best and most realistic list for you to ensure success. This is why we take the time to get to know you and your family’s circumstances and key criteria – to ensure you’re applying to the best list of universities to ensure successful outcomes for you.

No. We are independent educational consultants. We work for you and your family.

Yes, we have an amazing process to support you to showcasethe best of who you are from brainstorming to editing! The essay is an essential part of the application as it is the only way a university can hear about you in your own voice.

We will provide you all the help you need. However, we DO NOT write any essays for you, but happy to provide lots of input every step of the way.

We guide and consult on this topic, but we cannot guarantee you will receivefinancial aid. We ensure we understand the unique financial circumstances of each family to create a list of schools that fall into a range of affordability. We also provide you with links for external scholarship opportunities that you may avail.

No. we are excited to work with you to apply to any schools that may excite you.

We createa plan with defined timelines from the beginning so students and parents are aware of the list of activities and completion dates required.

We give notices and reminders via software programs or notification platforms with substantial time in advance to regulate the process so that students don’t fall through the cracks.

We help you stay on top of these dates so the process runs smoothly and you’re not creating addition stress to complete last minute elements of the application.

Once we have signed our agreement, we have regularly scheduled meetings. For students in Upper 6/Grade 12, these would be weekly meetings from August through submission of all applications. Prior to that, the meetings would be less frequent, but equally as important. There is work to do from day one. That’s what gets students who work with M*Power excellent results.

In addition to our meetings, you can email and text with questions and we will respond in a timely manner.

You can join us at any time, but the optimal time to connect would be in Form 5/Grade 10. As universities are looking for well-rounded students, it’s important to get involved in something you are passionate about early in your secondary school career so you can showcase the great work and results you have accomplished to universities. Acceptance is not just based on grades and test scores. Trying to cram a bunch of extra-curricular activities into your life in Form 6 doesn’t generally work.

We also will help guide you in your testing strategy, summer plans and other additional activities and engagements to help you put your best foot forward to be most attractive to university admissions officers.

For student-athletes, Form 5/Grade 10 is the best time to begin.

Yes, we have a defined step by step process we share to help you understand the process and the timeline required.

Yes! There is a lot of great, free advice out there to support all aspects of the university search, admission and matriculation processes. This is both a PRO and CON. It can be exceptionally helpful to have all this information at your fingertips. However, you need to ensure you’re using reliable and up to date sources so you’re making decisions with accurate information.

A lot of information out there is geared toward US-based students, so for international students, accurate information is a lot more limited.

A savvy student or parent, putting in a lot of time, effort and organization can absolutely move through this process on their own.

Student athletes should begin exploring universities and connecting with coaches in Form 5/Grade 10. Many NCAA coaches across all sports are following students from Form 4/Grade 9 as they see them perform at national and international competitions and develop interest.

The earlier you start the process, the betteryour outcomes will be as there is a lot of work to do to set yourself up for success and it could be overwhelming, and unsuccessful, if you start too late.

Its exciting to have university coaches contact you! But its very important to make sure that you’reexploring all your options and not just jumping on the first opportunity presented. It is key to do your due diligence to learn all about the universities and the athletic programs that you are considering. You want to ensure that whatever university you commit to is a Best Fitacademically, athletically, socially and financially.

If one coach is interested, quite often there will be more. You want to ensure you make the right decision up front as it is not easy to transfer schools as a student-athlete and there are eligibility implications you will have to take into account.

Coaches like to hear from students directly - not your current coachor your parents and definitely nota recruiter who doesn’t know you and is working with lots of other students for the same open spots.

Coaches want to know you’re committed to this process and will put in your due diligence to make the effort to get your name out there and find the best fit university for you – both academically and athletically.

To participate in university athletics, it takes more than just athletic ability. Universities want to recruit players who are strong academically as well as to ensure that their athletes will be able to handle university level classes while spending large amounts of time on the athletic field.

The three parts to initial eligibility (being eligible to play sports in your first year of university) are:

1. Graduation from secondary school.

2. Ensuring you meet the NCAA Clearinghouse 16 Core Course requirementwith a minimum core grade point average

3. Obtain a minimum ACT or SAT test score

You can learn more at NCAA Eligibility Center or NAIA Eligibility Center

This is something that is very important to think about. When you play sports with NCAA or NCIA, this is a serious commitment. You are expected to uphold both your athletic and academic commitments at the highest level.

Competing at the collegiate level can be an incredible, life-changing experience. But to get the most out of this opportunity, athletes need to be prepared for a schedule that is quite different from that of their non-athlete peers.

The time commitment required varies based on your sport and the university you are attending. However, as an average, NCAA D1 athletes spend an average of 34 hours per week on athletic activities in-season.This includes, but isn’t limited to: actual practice time, required strength training sessions, film review, and competitions. For NAIA and DII and DIII programs, the commitment is about 28 hours per week.

This amount will completely vary based on the sport you play, your level of performance, and the university you are talking with. Very rarely will students receive a full athletic scholarship. However, your athletic scholarship can be combined with an academic scholarship and be significantly helpful to ensure that your family can afford your university experience.