How We Help Students Succeed

Each year the university admissions process becomes more complicated. With the influx of students from across the globe looking to attend highly selective universities in the US, the applicant pool becomes much more competitive. Students need to start this process early and make very deliberate choices of which schools will become part of their “list”. They must find schools that match all of their criteria so they will thrive, but also need to balance that decision with schools that will provide needed financial support.

It’s easy to be swayed by others who have “best intentions” and provide advice as to where is best for the student. But only an experienced, professional educational consultant, with up to date knowledge, data and tools to support the university admissions process, will guide the student down the correct path to determine which universities will provide the best fit for them.

Your child’s university education will be one of the most significant investments you ever make. Poorly informed decisions can prove costly and add emotional strain on the student and family. M*Power provides up-to-date knowledge, tools and guidance throughout the process to find a group of schools that could each be a “best fit” for the student that will provide optimal academic and social experiences with the necessary financial support required by the family.


M*Power Gives Back!

M*Power reserves a few spaces for students requiring pro bono services at both a discounted rate and in exchange for volunteer services. These services are offered based upon the family’s level of financial need. Contact us directly if you think your family would qualify and we will let you know the process for consideration.


We also provide essential support for students with the following additional requirements

Student Athletes
Students with Learning Differences

student athelete
Playing athletics at the university level is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to compete with some of the most talented athletes in the world, opens many doors professionally, and requires you to quickly learn strong time-management skills. It can also be a great source of financial aid.

M*Power provides specialized athletic counseling services to address the unique admission needs of student athletes. We guide prospective student athletes and their families on a step-by-step path of learning of what the recruitment process entails, how to stand out to coaches and when student athletes should be making their moves to ensure they receive the best opportunities with your best fit schools for both athletics and academics.


M*Power has the expertise to support your family through the university search and application process through the lens of a student that learns differently, has Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is on the Asperger’s spectrum or suffers from psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. These conditions are much more common than most families realize.

Many universities have robust support services for students with these challenges to help them be successful through their university career and beyond. In the US, the Americans With Disabilities Act requires universities to provide personalized accommodations to students with documented challenges. Of course, some schools provide more support than others and we can help you discern which university may be best for your student.