Student Athletes

Playing athletics at the university level is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to compete with some of the most talented athletes in the world, opens many doors professionally, and requires you to quickly learn strong time-management skills. It can also be a great source of financial aid.

M*Power provides specialized athletic counseling services to address the unique admission needs of student athletes. We guide prospective student athletes and their families on a step-by-step path of learning of what the recruitment process entails, how to stand out to coaches and when student athletes should be making their moves to ensure they receive the best opportunities with your best fit schools for both athletics and academics.


We use a suite of proprietary tools to objectively evaluate the student’s athletic ability and determine the optimal list of universities where the student athlete would succeed in getting recruited as well as optimizing financial aid packages. Of course, this set of activities needs to overlay on top of the academic process for university admissions. Hence, why we encourage student athletes to begin their process 2.5 years prior to heading off to university.

M*Power’s athletic counseling services begins with an Athletic Consultation Package to assess a student’s candidacy for university-level athletics and provides guidance to direct the student’s search. The package includes up to three hours of athletic counseling services.

After the initial consultation, student athletes can enroll in a Comprehensive Athletic Counseling Package that provides an additional eight hours of athletic counseling and includes the following services:


Detailed assessment of athletic strengths
Objective evaluation of student-athlete’s athletic talent abilities and candidacy for athletic scholarships
Recommendations for Division I, II or III, NAIA or NJCAA programs that best fit student’s skillset and goals
Advice regarding the following recruitment processes:

  • NCAA/NAIA recruitment procedures, rules, deadlines, and policies
  • NCAA Eligibility Center and related policies for student athletes
  • Athletic-admissions rubrics, including the Ivy League Academic Index

Recommendations for engagement in athletic camps, clinics, and showcases

Share strategy and timeline for effective self-marketing to college coaches
Creation of athletic resume and cover letters for athletic coaches
Guidance for creation of highlightsvideo
Planning of official and/or unofficial athletic campus visits
Review of athletic and admission offers from colleges
Guide student-athlete with signing of National Letter of Intent (if applicable)
Assist student-athlete in evaluating athletic options and making final college decision


We fully believe that you are a Student first, Athlete second and want to ensure that you are able to align your academic desires with your athletic abilities to find a university where you can thrive on every level.

Note: The Athletic Counseling Package may only be purchased in conjunction with a university counseling package.